Life coaching

My life coaching approach combines my training in body-based coaching and learning through the Academy for Coaching with Horses, the principles and practices of Non-Violent Communication, and Sarah Peyton's work on the power of resonant empathy to rewire our brains and nervous systems, restoring self-love and well-being.


This approach connects body, emotions, mind, and spirit, and creates powerful new neural connections that enable us to move towards calm, creativity, and wholeness. It's a simple, powerful, trauma-informed approach that supports a wide range of growth and healing processes that are essential to making sustainable change, including:

  • healing self-criticism, anxiety and depression

  • learning how to feel safe, grounded, and at home in your body and in life

  • learning how to have a good relationship with your emotions

  • building confidence and self-esteem

  • developing healthier relationship dynamics - for example, learning to trust, set healthy boundaries, acknowledge and ask for what you need, and hear "no" without shutting down

  • developing communication, conflict resolution and leadership skills; and

  • grief and major life transitions.


If you have experienced significant trauma or life has been particularly difficult for you, you may need psychotherapy rather than coaching, at least to begin with. I am able to offer both, so at the start of our work together, we will explore what kind of support will be most helpful for you. Please see my Psychotherapy page for further details.


I offer individual coaching sessions via videocall or phone. Face-to-face sessions will be available in Christchurch and Rangiora again once the Government restrictions are lifted.


Appointments are available on Mondays, and Wednesday to Saturday, including some evenings.


Some clients choose to combine these coaching sessions with equine therapy.

1 hour session: $100 (incl GST)

1.5 hour session: $140 (incl GST)


Note that my fees are negotiable. Please contact me to discuss what you are looking for and how we might work together.


I've been supporting women to step into their own authentic power - and learning how to step into my own - for thirty years.


So if you 

  • struggle to be assertive or to set good boundaries

  • want relationships in which you are really seen

  • long to heal a pattern of self-hate or self-criticism

  • would love to feel truly at home in your body and your life, or

  • want to connect more deeply with your divine feminine energy

and you'd like to be part of one of our regular group programmes, please get in touch.

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