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I love seeing people heal, grow and make a life full of meaning for themselves. And it's really important to me to offer genuine, effective support for that process.


I've seen plenty of people invest years (and lots of money) in personal development, without anything much changing. Often, it's as if we're trying to envision and create a new future while dragging our old unconscious patterns round behind us. At other times, we seem to get stuck in endless processing of a painful past, unable to see beyond it to our strengths and possibilities.

My approach to supporting people tries to avoid both these traps. It blends:

  • life coaching, with its focus on strengths and possibilities, moving forward, and finding purpose and meaning

  • the new body-focused psychotherapy, with its understanding of how we are shaped by our relationships at a physiological level, and how to activate our innate capacity for healing, and

  • experiential learning with the horses (for those who want to try this option!) to practice self-awareness, communication and relationship skills in real time.


I know this combination works, because it's worked for me. Thirteen years ago, my life fell apart - and I realised that the skills, and the map, that had got me that far were wildly inadequate for the territory I found myself in. Grief, fear, uncertainty and stress were my new normal, but there were also green shoots of new life here and there. I learned how to work with my emotions to find more calm and to understand what I truly need, reconnected with the soulful part of me that I'd lost to academia and policy work, found my way back to horses, and eventually found my way home to myself.

So I know what it's like to feel at the mercy of emotions like anger, sadness, worry and shame, to despair of ever breaking out of a repetitive pattern of unsatisfying jobs or failed relationships, to be running so hard to stay ahead of anxiety or feelings of never being enough that you can't ever really relax. And I also know that it's possible for things to change.

I've spent the last thirteen years learning how to listen to myself, and be as honest, brave and compassionate as I can be, and learning how to support others to do the same. At the core of that process is listening to the wisdom of our bodies and emotions - and in 2014, my exploration of coaching approaches that work deeply with bodily and emotional awareness, combined with my life-long love of horses, led me to Kathy Pike and the Academy for Coaching with Horses. I completed my Facilitator certification with Kathy in 2014-2015, and Advanced Facilitator certification in 2017. My horses aren't always directly involved in my work with clients - I offer office-based coaching as well as equine-assisted learning - but they've influenced my understanding of what we need in order to heal and grow, and my coaching process, very deeply.

I know that everyone I work with is capable, resourceful and whole. No matter how challenging things seem, or how lost you feel, you're not broken, and you don't need fixing: you need someone who can remind your body, mind and heart that they already know how to heal, help you develop new skills, and encourage you to move towards your fullest, truest life with grace and courage. If that's what you're looking for, please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you.



Curious? You can hear more about my journey, and my work with the horses, here.

"I first met Ingrid in 2014 and was drawn to her sense of sincerity and integrity. Since then I have been able to work with her on my own journey and trained with her in the Healing Herd programme.


Ingrid lives what she teaches; her own authenticity and congruency allow her to work with the horses to hold a gentle but strong space which allows people to feel supported. To me a true teacher offers the tools and the space needed for a person to find their own way and become a master of their own destiny - this is what Ingrid, the horses and the work have offered to me, truly life-changing."


Monique Robinson
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