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About Ingrid

I've been working as a therapist and coach since 2009. I love seeing people heal, grow and make a life full of meaning for themselves. And it's really important to me to offer genuine, effective support for that process.

My approach combines:

  • life coaching, with its focus on strengths and possibilities, moving forward, and finding purpose and meaning

  • body-focused psychotherapy, with its understanding of how we are shaped by our relationships at a physiological level, and how to activate our innate capacity for healing, and

  • experiential learning and therapy with the horses (for those who want to try this option!) to practice self-awareness, communication and relationship skills in real time.


I hold Advanced Facilitator certification from the Academy for Coaching with Horses, and am a Student Member of NZAP (the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists) and ANZAP (the Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy), training in the Conversational Model of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.


My horses aren't always directly involved in my work with clients - I offer office-based coaching and psychotherapy as well as equine therapy - but they've influenced my understanding of what we need in order to heal and grow, and my coaching process, very deeply.

Curious? You can hear more about my journey, and my work with the horses, here.