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Rangiora & Christchurch, NZ

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Ingrid Gunby

I'm a coach and experiential learning practitioner, and am currently training as a psychotherapist. I support people to heal and grow through a simple, powerful approach that integrates body, mind, emotions and spirit. I aim to walk beside you as you heal unconscious, unhelpful patterns of thought, feeling and action, and replace them with new, more self-loving, conscious, and empowered ways of relating to yourself and others.

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Monique Robinson


"I first met Ingrid in 2014 and was drawn to her sense of sincerity and integrity. Since then I have been able to work with her on my own journey and trained with her in the Healing Herd programme.


Ingrid lives what she teaches; her own authenticity and congruency allow her to work with the horses to hold a gentle but strong space which allows people to feel supported. To me a true teacher offers the tools and the space needed for a person to find their own way and become a master of their own destiny - this is what Ingrid, the horses and the work have offered to me, truly life-changing."

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